What are Binary Options?


Binary options is the simplicity of the execution of the trade, which distinguishes them from traditional investments. Investors determines whether the value of an asset such as Gold, Oil,

Euro against the US Dollar, or Facebook shares for a certain period rise or will fall. This simplicity offers merchants complete control over their trading decisions. If you predict the direction of the asset correctly, you will get a certain percentage of the amount invested, usually around 70-80%. If your prediction is wrong, you lose the amount invested. There are two ways, up or down, and two possible outcomes, win or lose; hence the name "Binary" trade. The boom in binary options trading was supported by investors who want to know in advance how much you can win or lose on each trade. Unlike the stock market, the exact value and percentage of movement is an asset not important. Unlike in Forex trading, you can never lose more than the amount initially invested. In binary options investor of the 21st century can concentrate exclusively on the most

important thing, the direction of the asset, with no other aggravating factors and this at exceptionally high rates of return for each trade correctly predicted. Simplicity pays off!

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